Peer Communities (PC) are groups of staff who come together around a shared interest in or affinity with a particular membership, program, or service area. Staff who participate in peer communities seek to share knowledge, learn, and innovate with each other.



Chapter 41 and 42 have chosen to work together in a regional Peer Community structure.  

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Co-Chairs: Ensure consistency and communication between all Peer Community staff in their particular program area. This includes facilitation of virtual calls and any in-person meetings or trainings. 

Vice Chairs: Support their respective Co-Chairs while connecting staff in their region of the state or a specific program area.

All Peer Community leaders work together to welcome new staff to their YMCA, provide resources and innovative ideas, and create a sense of community between all Y staff.



Interested in a possible leadership position within Peer Communities?

  • Click here or the Peer Community Leadership expectation sheet.

Email Julia Wohlt with the Regional Alliance at if you would like more information!



• Aquatics

• Arts & Humanities 

• Branch Directors

• Business/Finance

• Day Camp/School Age

• Child Care/Child Watch/Pre-School

• Community Engagement/Mental Health Workers

• Financial Development

• Facilities

• ForeverWell/Active Older Adults

• Gymnastics

• Healthy Living/Group Exercise

• Human Resources

• Information Technology

• Learning & Development for Staff

• Marketing

• Membership

• Resident Camp

• Youth Development/Teens/Youth in Government

• Youth Sports


If you would like to serve as a Regional Co-Chair or Vice-Chair for these new groups, please email Julia!

Click here for a video tutorial or PDF on how to find and download staff information from the Tracker in Link. The Tracker is located here (must be part of YPN Chapters 41 & 42 to view).

Any full or part time employee of a Y can join a Peer Community. It's free! Generally speaking, new full time management staff are automatically added to the YPN Peer Community once they are hired. Your local HR department takes care of that!

To officially declare your interest in joining a peer community within our regional network, please email Julia Wohlt at

Yes, you may participate in as many Peer Communities as you like.