Alliance Employment


The Heartland Alliance and Upper Midwest Alliance of YMCAs is hiring for a
Director of Third-Party Payor Acquisition.

The Third-Party Pay Project is developed as a collaboration between the Heartland (ND, SD, NE, IA) and the Upper Midwest (MN, WI, U.P. MI) Alliances.

The purpose of this project is to create a new business plan through a Regional Engagement Model, which pursues direct reimbursement with various customer segments- such as health plans, health care systems, aggregators and employers who are willing to invest financial resources into lifestyle and preventive health. Direct contracting and renegotiating contracts with entities such as health plans and aggregators will add revenue to membership and program delivery.

The Director of Regional Third-Party Pay Acquisition will lead the Engagement Model to present a strong value proposition to investors and will provide a significant ability for the Y to scale both membership and programs, thus improving the health of the community, strengthening the sustainability and relevancy of the Y, and ultimately reinforcing our position as a leading national health organization.

Applications will be accepted through 11/24/2023.

For any questions, contact Jon Agnew at or 610-322-4913.